Best Android Apps for Podcasts on Google Play Store

April 13, 2023 (1 year ago)
Best Android Apps for Podcasts on Google Play Store

The era of audio media is not dead yet. Thanks to podcasts, we can enjoy crispy voices from different creators that make the whole experience immersive and engaging. If you are not into it yet, this is the right time to explore the best Android apps for podcasts.

Now listen to your favorite topics on the go, or while going to sleep at night. You can now listen to your favorite personalities and other content creators who bring different types of content right from your mobile screen.

Best Android Apps for Podcasts

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To start your journey, all you need is a smartphone or a tablet and that is all. After going through a huge list of podcast apps on Google Play Store, here are the shortlisted options that are not only amazing and rich in content but also give you features that are unparallel.


Reading this name, the word music must have crossed your mind, but this platform is more than a spot for songs that you love to listen to. It is a podcast player in addition to that. Spotify flaunts a great library of podcasts some of which are even exclusive to the platform here.

When you switch from music to this section, a different interface will welcome you thus differentiating between the two will not be difficult. Use the search box to find the topics and particular episodes. Discover new creators. Change speed, set sleep timer, get the episodes for offline listening, and more.

Pocket Casts

Rich with features, it does not act like an elite app. Simple to use and easy to navigate, it is one of the most accessible options that a podcast lover can find on the marketplace for apps. You can easily find new podcasts. Not sure about what to listen to? Find the recommendations and test new creators.

Subscribe to the podcasters, listen to the latest episodes directly, organize the content, listen to it offline, and much more. The player comes loaded with great features like a volume booster, speed control, sleep timer, and silence trimmer in addition to other customizations.

Pocket Casts

When it comes to the variety of features on a podcast app, there is no option closer to Pocket Casts. The best part is, with new updates, it is getting better and better each day. It has the option to schedule episodes for offline availability, audio effects, auto synching across various platforms including web apps, and storage to keep your favorite episodes on.

What makes Pocket Casts an even better option is its compatibility with Chromecast and Android Auto. Whatever you subscribe to remains in the cloud storage which means you can update your library of audio content from any device.


The majority of platforms for podcasting bring premium content and demand a subscription fee from users. But Anchor is an option that will give you everything for free. It is not only just a great option to use to consume audio content but create it with ease too.

It helps you create, broadcast, and monetize your audio work using your Android device. Record your show with up to 4 people online at the same time. Even you can import the files from other sources and Anchor will monetize them for you. With free hosting provided, it gives you the option to take your content to other platforms which pay you easily.


This is another free option brought to you by this website if you are looking for podcasts without paying anything. It started its journey with an on-demand internet radio service and grew up to be a combination of many other things and podcasting is one of them which has becoming a defining feature now.

Add your favorites and stitch them together to create one great file for listening on the go or while working from home. Mix breaking news and other shows from radio stations and make a perfect combo that never bores you.


Podcasting will introduce you to great options for entertainment and knowledge. Visual content from tv and online platforms could be overwhelming. But when it comes to podcasts, with pleasant voices, a soothing experience gives a great option for you to retain most of the content. Pick your choice from this list of the best Android apps for podcasts and start your journey.

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