Best Android Apps for Researchers on Google Play Store

April 13, 2023 (1 year ago)
Best Android Apps for Researchers on Google Play Store

The use of mobile phones or tablets by students and regular researchers is not unheard of. But if you do not have the right tool, maybe you are not fully leveraging the power that this handheld device has. This is where this list of the best Android apps for researchers will help.

Research is what defines the lives of university students and professionals working in educational and other fields. Mobile phones are helping in a great way to make processes and steps easier. If you want to automate your processes and capabilities, it is time to use the right tools.

Best Android Apps for Researchers

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There are too many great options on Google Play Store for you if you are a researcher. Now it is not practically possible to check out all the tools and applications recommended for you on the Play Store. To make it easier for you, here is a compiled list of the top tools that you need right now.

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This is your digital lab notebook. It is web-based and thus you can access it on your personal favorite browser. Keep track of your work and jot down everything in an organized way to become more productive and achieve more in less time.

You can take notes, store data including images, and use the built-in search option to access all the materials instantly. Share your work with other lab fellows in over thirty formats. It comes with cross-platform support thus providing flexibility in your work.


This note-taking tool is so powerful that you can literally find it anywhere. With a simple-to-use interface that is highly interactive and easy to use, you get to enjoy the digital surface more than your paper notebook.

Using Evernote, you can create a photo, audio notes, texts, and more instantly. Synchronize your work across mobile phones, computers, and the web and access all of your work from anywhere. Everything is searchable and each word can be geolocated for mapping and other purposes.


Gone are the days of physical storage for our computers and phone devices. Now it is the ear of cloud computing and you do not need to rely on tangible machines Dropbox is one great way to achieve more than you think.

Yes, it is not just a cloud storage option to save your video, audio, image, and document files. Here you can do more than that. Automatically back up your Android device, send and receive signed documents, capture and record your device screen, and much more.


It is common for us to go on a binge search on google and get too many awesome articles to read. Since our time and attention periods are short, the simplest escape is to go back later and find the material again to read it thoroughly. Won’t it be awesome if we can streamline this whole process?

Yes, we can do that with the help of this amazing app called Instapaper. It lets you save and store articles for offline access. It optimizes the text view thus helping you to focus on reading with the removal of all distractions. Get a text-to-speech option and let Instapaper narrate the whole article without any mistakes.


Imagining a researcher without documents is like thinking of fish without water. But at the same time in this era of transition, we are seeing the use of paper getting redundant. In such a scenario, the best way for us is to convert the paperwork into digital form for which we need a scanner.

With a powerful app like CamScanner, you no more need a full scanning machine. With great features, this tool helps you scan documents instantly and remove the clutter to exactly save the parts you need. Share your document in image and PDF format via WhatsApp or email with a few taps. This app is a must-have for all.


The field of research is tough and demanding. But thanks to technology we can make it easier using the right tools and methods. With the best Android apps for researchers mentioned here, you can streamline your work, sync your documents, and more instantly.

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