Best Android Apps for Quizzes to Test Your Knowledge

April 13, 2023 (1 year ago)
Best Android Apps for Quizzes to Test Your Knowledge

Quizzes are the real brain teasers. If you want to test your knowledge and find where you stand with instant results before you, you have come to the right place. That is because the best Android apps for quizzes are listed here.

Best Android Apps for Quizzes

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From general to topical knowledge, test yourself on anything that interests you. Here are the top selections from the whole list of quiz apps that you will come across on the Google Play Store.


This is not the typical trivia game that you have come across. With great personalization options, it brings the authority of the player to pick a topic. There is a great list crossing hundred which you can pick according to your preferences and requirements.

These include topics ranging from basic knowledge to entertainment, movies, languages, science, general knowledge, etc. It brings the real-time game where all the other people are getting the same question for a specific period of 10 seconds. The faster you answer, the more score you get.


This is one great quiz app that brings the concept of quiz with an interesting twist. It brings you various questions and gives you a score based on your answer. The total of these must add up to 94. Apkshelf has included this app in the list for a number of its features.

It covers various topics like human anatomy, geography, history, biology, etc. If you are not sure about the right answer, simply use the ‘Joker’ option and get a clue to score higher. But this is a one-time chance that can be availed at any stage in the game.

HQ Trivia

Want to earn money along with new knowledge? Then you need the latest version of HQ Trivia on your Android mobile phone or tablet. This platform offers real money for your hard work. It brings live contests for weekends and weekdays on a regular basis.

It brings a total of 10 questions to the screen and to answer each, you have only 10 seconds. In order to stay alive in the contest till the end, all you need is to give the right responses in the allotted time.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire

Do you want to be part of the famous trivia show Millionaire Trivia and Jeopardy World? It may not be possible for you to be there physically, but by using your smartphone, the opportunity is simply a few taps away. All you have to do is answer 15 questions on any topic to beat your opponent.

Each question comes with a third-second window to give the right answer. Now you can ask the audience to remove two false answers to get closer to the real one in the shortest possible time. Here you even get the chance to flip the question and get a new one.

Quiz: Logo Game

Did you ever dream of recognizing the logos of every brand that comes across you on the screen or in real life? If your answer is affirmative, then get the Quiz: Logo Game on your smartphone now. It brings more than 2625 logos of various brands from across the world.

These could include brands from electronic companies, cars, fashion, restaurants, social media, and many more sectors. But the majority of them are Canadian and American. It is built on 86 levels with over 500 quizzes which get harder with each level. Play alone or challenge your friends, the options are available.


Quizzes are a great way to assess what we know and what can we know. If you are trying to learn something new while having fun then the best Android apps for quizzes are listed in this article for you. Go to Google Play Store and get the latest version of each application and explore it in detail.

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